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Course Abstract

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"Hope Speaks" was designed for those new to the apraxia diagnosis, especially the families of newly diagnosed children, students and professionals who need basic information, and most of all - HOPE. 

"Hope Speaks" focuses on the lives of several children diagnosed with apraxia as very young toddlers. You will hear their parents discuss vivid memories of what it was like to get a diagnosis of apraxia for their child. You will see some of the children in speech therapy and you will hear the children as teenagers and young adolescents talk about what it was like to grow up with apraxia and how the disorder affects their lives today. Their parents will also share how they went from being very frightened of the diagnosis to becoming their child's advocate.

Professionals and researchers in "Hope Speaks" provide a basic overview of important speech therapy approaches and tips on how to help children make the best use of speech therapy.

Presented By: CASANA,
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