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Course Abstract

Children with CAS often present with a complex profile of communication challenges. Co-occurring language and other
neurodevelopmental disorders can complicate this presentation. Designing effective treatment that will address simultaneous deficits across complimentary areas of need can be difficult. As speech-language pathologists we must continually make decisions regarding how much emphasis to place on any particular communication challenge during sessions and over the course of treatment. As professionals we must design and implement therapy that will not only attempt to reduce impairments but increase a child’s quality of life in all areas. This webinar will discuss the WHO model of international classification of functioning, disability and health. We will demonstrate how this approach can assist with assessment, treatment planning and implementation, as well as parent education and counseling. Presenters will use multiple cases to illustrate how treatment emphasis can or should change based on child and family perspectives related to the impact of co-occurring apraxia, other speech sound disorders, language disorders and cognitive challenges on quality of life.

General Webinar: $35.00
Professional (with CE Credit): $50.00
CE Credit: 0.15
Learning Objectives
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