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Course Abstract


Thanks to the success of awareness campaigns targeting early identification of speech and language disorders, as well as government-funded birth to three programs, it is not unusual for a speech-language pathologist to meet prospective patients who are between the ages of two and three years old. However, in its 2007 position statement, ASHA asked speech-language pathologists to be cautious with diagnosis of CAS in children under age 3 given the “high rates of co-morbid conditions” in children with CAS, particularly when they are in this age group.

What is an SLP to do when CAS is suspected in this population? In this webinar, we will discuss how to build an assessment battery comprising direct and indirect assessment measures so that the child’s entire communication system can be examined.  Next, we will discuss how to determine the relative contribution of speech versus language deficits in this population. We will look at how to design treatment to improve the child’s major areas of need, and look at the role of parent counseling and education, given the child’s age and potential course of treatment.

This session will provide information regarding typical communication development in this age group, discuss speech and language assessment in children under three years of age, and offer several approaches for treatment when very young children present with suspected CAS.

General Webinar: $35.00
Professional (with CE Credit): $50.00
CE Credit: 0.15
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