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Course Abstract

In recent years, there has been increased awareness of Childhood Apraxia of Speech (CAS) as a pediatric motor speech disorder that affects planning and programming for speech production.  Motor impairment affecting execution of speech movements (dysarthria) in children is more often associated with other disorders, such as cerebral palsy, and has received less attention in the literature on pediatric speech sound disorders.  For children with severe speech sound disorders, it may be challenging to determine the relative contributions of linguistic versus motor impairment, and to differentiate problems of planning/programming from difficulty with execution of movements.  In addition to making an accurate diagnosis, treatment will need to be adjusted, depending on the degree to which different factors are involved. This session will discuss characteristics that overlap between apraxia and dysarthria, characteristics that differentiate the two disorders, and how intervention may be adapted when both types of motor impairment are present.


General Webinar: $35.00
Professional (with CE Credit): $50.00
CE Credit: 0.15
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